How much it cost to build a website in Malaysia? – Part 1

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How much it cost to build a website in Malaysia? Part 1

How much it cost to build a website in Malaysia? Getting different quotation with different prices? Don’t know which to choose from? No worry, today we are going to cover the overall costs of building a website from top to bottom.
After you finish reading this, you will have an overall idea on what are the costs of build a website in Malaysia in 2015.

If you send your well written requirements or project brief of the new website you want to build to 3 or 4 web agencies, you will get different range of prices, so inconsistent that you would think they were all looking at a different list of requirements.

In most of the cases, we receive emails from the clients with very limited information given about the requirement of the website. Sometimes, we only received a link to a website that the client want to look similar or copy. If you are doing this, please don't do so. Why? Simply because when you are not sure about the requirements of your own project, the best thing the other party can do would be guessing about your requirements. End up they will provide an inaccurate quotation or estimate cost for the project which bring you in the difficult situation to figure out which is the right one to pick.

If you do not know how to prepare a proper project brief, it's best to meet up with the web developer or designer and get them analyse the project requirements by describing the website you wanted to develop with them. They will usually ask you questions to get the requirements they need. If they are too far to reach, you have no choice but to prepare the project brief. Don't worry, we will have that cover as well on how to prepare a requirements or project brief document in another article (Coming Soon).

Besides that, we have been shown quotation prices for as little as 20% of what we have quoted for the same set of features and functionality for the client. To be fair to the client, they have no way of knowing which quotations are unrealistically low or which are insanely high.

Before we get to the cost though, here's something to consider. When you engage a developer, you are not buying a website. You are hiring a developer or designer and paying for their time. The price you have been given is based solely on the amount of time the developer plans to spend working on your project. This is why purchasers need to be very careful accepting low quotes. Now lets talk about the bare bones of having a website

bare bone of a website

The bare bones of having a website

  • A Domain name: RM100-150 per year (Depending on the extension e.g. .com .com.my .my .net and etc.)
  • A Hosting: RM 400 – 1,000 /year Depending on the capacity and quality of the server. RM2,000 – 4,000 + per year for VPS or Dedicated hosting
  • Design and Build: A 50 hours minimum including project management, design, build, testing, upload and training. Refer to part 2 for detail information.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: RM200 – 1,000+ per month/year depending on scope & frequent of the maintenance.
  • Ongoing Marketing: RM200-1,000 per month, Google AdWords budget is an absolute minimum for an online marketing spend

Are you still with me? If you read till this point, you probably understand what are the bare bones of having a website. We are going to discuss in more detail at part 2. Remember to check the part 2 for more information about how much it cost to build a website in Malaysia. Hope it helps you get to know the cost, and making the right decision on choosing the right service provider for your next project.

Number-2-Flat-IconHow much it cost to build a website in Malaysia? - Part 2

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