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Part 1

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Part 1 - Mobile App Development Cost - Overview
Part 2 - Cost of Hiring a Full Team
Part 3 - Other Cost & Summary

How much does it cost to build a mobile app in Malaysia?

Building mobile applications involves a lot of effort, you will need the right talents with the right skill sets, the right management, and many other external factors.

Drafting out an idea on a document to create a project brief, brainstorming over the idea, requirements, scopes, specifications, and finding a mobile app development team to realise the project can be difficult.

Nowadays, many companies prefer to create custom mobile app compared to using off-the-shelf templates or scripts. These templates often need businesses to adapt the fix set of processes and features Custom made app is instead tailored to the business’s unique needs, features, and flows.

Kindly note that this is not a guide on building a development team and definitely not a guide on the resources needed to develop an app.

This article will help you understand the costs involve in building an application.

Mobile App Development Cost Estimation Structure

The cost of a mobile app development project heavily depends on the features set and scope coverage needed for the mobile application. A simple feature like posting an image can be done in a smaller amount of time compared to an ordering feature of a food delivery app or e-commerce.

Let’s take GrabFood as an example. Whenever a user place an order, the User app will need to get the user location to located and find a nearby available restaurant. Then the user select a restaurant to order the food and make payment directly via the app. After the user place order, the Restaurant App will notify the restaurant staff to prepare the order. In the meantime, nearby drivers around the restaurant location will receive a notification at the Driver app notifying the driver of the incoming job. The driver has to accept the job and then the user can track the location of the driver. To further explain it could get even complicated, with more conditions and situations.

An example would be in Malaysia, there are many races, the driver may not want to pick up non-halal food, and they will need to set in their preference setting to indicate that they are not willing to deliver non-halal food. Then in this case the system will not prompt the driver if the user order a non-halal food from a non-halal restaurant.

Can you see the complexity of the ordering process? It contains 3 apps to run the whole process and it only works with the help of Google Maps API, and payment gateway integration. This is the type of feature that needs to be worked on by a team of experienced developers.

Project Complexity

Planning the requirements of the project is a very important stage in every custom software development project. Many big organisations and companies waste USD 30 Billions annually on unused software features. Sometimes, it might seem nice to have features but in reality, some features might not even fit with your existing process or users’ needs.

Approaching the development process with a clear understanding of your business priorities will minimise the development time.

Having complex features will also increase the development time and require experienced and skilled developers to work on the project which in turn drives up the costs.

UI designs that is more complex or beautiful will also takes longer time for the app developer to work on it as it involve lots of research and development.

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Now that we have an overview on this, lets move on to the team cost.

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